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SUSTAINABILITY is our motto.
We move forward with this clear goal in mind, aware of the fact that, to be credible, each step taken in this direction must be compatible with the economic situation, the market and the various stakeholders.
This is a goal which can be neither renounced nor deferred.
Implementing measures compatible with sustainable development is not only our duty towards future generations, but it also entails keeping pace with changing environmental legislation in Europe.
Indeed, sustainable development has been a constitutional principle in the EU since the signing of the Maastricht Treaty back in 1993.
Environmental management tools have undergone substantial adjustments over the past few years, adjustments being particularly fast from the mid 1990s, when it was realised that local environmental factors can, indeed, have a global impact.
Amongst the main factors we can mention sea and groundwater pollution, the reduction of available natural resources, the loss of biodiversity and the Greenhouse Effect.

Evolution of average temperatures at the end of the century.
(Scenario A2 SRES, fonte GIEG)

The Greenhouse Effect is currently perceived as the most devastating environmental impact for humankind.
If not faced, the consequences of global warming due to the Greenhouse Effect will very likely hinder the economic and social development of large areas of the world, Europe first of all.

This is why ALL OF US must contribute our little grain of sand

ecogestioni has always supported its clients along this path, upgrading and updating its skills and competences in order to always be a reliable business partner.

However, we do not just wish to be a reliable partner –we would like to take a further step and face the challenge with a constructive and proactive approach.
We truly believe in something:

Sustainable development offers a wealth of opportunities!

Such opportunities materialise in the market in the form of increasing demand for:
- green products and services able to meet innovative sustainability criteria;
- buildings and urban areas designed with a view to guaranteeing a better, more sustainable lifestyle.

These are the messages the market is sending us, these are the opportunities we should take.

This is the challenge ecogestioni has been getting ready to face for a long time, aware of the fact that the environmental game over the next few years will be played on this ground, offering unique opportunities only to those who are ready to accept the gamble.

For this reason, ecogestioni has set forth a series of proposals, as follows:

industry, waste management, logistics and real estate
Public Administration and Local Authorities
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