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Energy is today a crucial factor determining the competitiveness of an organisation and the entire production system of a country. It is so today and it will continue to be so in the future.

In fact, EC Directive 20.20.20 being developed for the post-Kyoto period sets new energy targets and defines the European guidelines that the Italian society and organisations operating within the country must comply with.
The strategic targets to be met within 2020 are:

  • 20% increase in energy efficiency
  • 20% of energy sourced from renewable resources
  • 20% decrease in Greenhouse Emissions (CO2 eq)

ecogestioni has been getting ready to face this challenge for some time, aware of the fact that, in the near future, the environmental game will be played on the energy-efficiency ground.
Our skills and competence involve the following activities:

Energy Management Diagnostic
Energy-Efficiency Rating
Energy Saving
Renewable Energy
Sustainable Development
Enertgia rinnovabile 100% Certificata RECS ecogestioni uses only 100% renewable energy        
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