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Our expertise and competence have come a long way. We have not ridden on the recent wave of the environmentally friendly, nor taken advantage of a market created by others.
1988: : electro-technical engineer Mr. Francesco Avanza sets up an environmental consultancy office. The company starts operating in a difficult market, framed by incomplete environmental legislation and a general lack of awareness regarding the range of problems involved in the manufacturing sector.
1994:ecogestioni S.a.s. was founded on the basis of the professional experience gained throughout the activities carried out at the consultancy office.
1996: on the wake of the publication of the ISO Standard 14001, ecogestioni starts co-operating with various certification authorities, auditing and assessing Environmental Management Systems.
2001: : to capitalise on the wealth of skills and wide experience gained by ecogestioni S.a.s. over the years, the company changes its legal status into ecogestioni s.r.l. and two of its employees become company partners.
2002: very much aware of the increasing synergy between environmental and safety issues, ecogestioni creates a Safety Division.
2004: as an outcome of the recognition of its work nationwide, ecogestioni becomes a member of ASSORECA, Italian Association of Environmental, Health & Safety and Social Responsibility Consulting Companies (
2005: with a view to boosting turnover and reinforcing the financial status of the company, its social capital is raised to 100,000 euro, while yet one more employee is appointed new company partner.
2006: ecogestioni is granted an internal Quality System Certification, in compliance with the ISO Standard 9001:2000, rewarding the high quality of its services.
2007: in order to meet the needs of a growing company, ecogestioni moves to its new facilities in via Solferino, more user-friendly and better suited to the changing working requirements.
2009: guided by its commitment to operate in the field of sustainable development, ecogestioni joins the Green Building Council of Italy.
ecogestioni is today one of the main environmental and safety consulting companies in Italy. It co-operates with research centres, training institutes and certification authorities with a view to developing innovative management techniques, especially focused on sustainable development.
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