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ecogestioni is persuaded that a dynamic and multidisciplinary team is a crucial tool to play a successful role in the market.
We recruit our staff according to the strictest criteria; we encourage them to receive life-long training.
Active participation and motivation is encouraged by increasingly awarding our staff further responsibilities, until they finally become business partners.
When a contract is closed, we set up a work-team, headed by a senior consultant who co-ordinates the work of one or more junior consultants.

In the environmental field our consultants are experts in:
- Planning and Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001, EMAS) (*)
- Strategic Environmental Assessment;
- Plans for characterization of contaminated sites and remediation projects;
- Environmental Impact Studies;
- Experts in environmental legislation;
- Experts in LCA and Carbon Footprint;
- Teacher training courses in corporate environmental issues;
- Environmental Auditor, also on behalf of qualified certification bodies.

In the field of safety at work our consultants are experts in:
- Risk assessment (DVR)
- Planning for Safety Management Systems (OHSAS 18001);
- Prevention of fire hazards;
- Experts in the law for the safety and health at work;
- Teacher training courses in the field of corporate security;
- Auditor for safety, also on behalf of qualified Certification Bodies (*)
(*) Certified SICEV and KHC.

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